Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why did we change our business?

When we started our business over a decade ago we were all about window cleaning. It was a great job because it offered instant gratification, start with dirty windows and leave the customer A New View from clean windows. Along the way we had requests for services that seemed to fit in nicely with what we were already doing. Really a win/win. The client didn't have to deal with several contractors and we could make more money at each stop.
Until recently we didn't really pursue services other than window cleaning. We just gave clients a price if they asked what it would be to add a house wash or patio cleaning to the windows. But since we joined the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners a couple years ago we've talked to many contractors that inspired us to market our business as what we truly are - an exterior cleaning business.
Since most of our work was on the exteriors already it just made sense. We still offer interior window cleaning, shower door stain removal, and granite counter top cleaning for those properties that would benefit from those services.
We've already seen a huge increase in our business and look forward to adding many new clients who will also come to appreciate having A New View whether from their windows or while looking back on a freshly washed property from top to bottom.
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