Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Milestone for Unger

In a small industry like window cleaning not many companies last, let alone celebrate 50 years in business. To achieve that you need good people, loyal clientele, and a great product line. Unger has evidently accomplished all three. This year marks Unger's 50th Anniversary. To celebrate they have released a limited edition set of tools as well as a limited edition clothing line. Both can be found here
I've used many products as a window cleaner and at the beginning of my business I didn't use many Unger products. That has changed over the years and I now use mainly Unger products on my tool belt. In fact the Ninja squeegee handle, stripwasher sleeves, T bars, and microfiber cloths have become mainstays in our business.
At many networking events Unger unselfishly donates free product for attendees. Having something to try out in this way can be vital to a business owner just starting out. They often don't have the disposable income to try every new item that comes out. It may seem simple but many times it's the simple things that mean the most.
So a big thanks to Unger for supporting this industry for 50 years. Happy Anniversary!

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