Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Be Careful With Social Media

For a business owner few things can be as effective as social media for getting your message out quickly to a large group. If you set up you contact or "friends" list right you have an almost instant way to send specials and sell new services. Not to mention that unlike a passive advertising like a website social media can be used to actively seek sales.
While that's great it doesn't come without risks. The contact and information flows both ways with social media. It's just as easy for "communication" you don't want to get out to do so. What do I mean? Think about what many people do when they enter social media. Often they set up a personal page and then a business one. Why? They can use the personal page to talk to friends and family over great distances, exchange photos or videos, join groups they are interested in, and even play games if they so choose. This is where it gets problematic. Even if you only have your customers on your business page odds are they know your name and can search FB for your post. They may even be friends with others you are friends with and know they can see those not so flattering pictures you (or more likely your friends) posted of you that one time you did something you wish you never had. Let's face it everyone has a smartphone with internet access now and in seconds you can become internet infamous.
So if you intend to use social media for your business make sure that you keep your personal page and posts as professional as you want your customers to see you. If you are in groups and they are "open" make sure what you post isn't a rant about that one customer who just drives you up the wall. That is, unless you don't mind losing them when they see it on there newsfeed.
I know it's not fair but right or wrong we as business owners are held to a higher standard because these people are letting us in their homes and around there family. They need a certain sense of security and we need to provide that in order to stay in business.

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