Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why use a water fed pole?

If you've been cleaning for a while and have developed the needed skills you no doubt wonder - "why should I use a water fed pole"? I mean if you are at that level where cleaning a pane of glass is approaching an art form there is a lot of satisfaction in your work already so why change?
While a water fed pole will never replace the traditional tools completely it is an invaluable asset in any companies arsenal. Besides the time saving factor (most users report time savings of up to half over traditional methods), there is the safety factor. The less time you spend on a ladder the safer you become. Add to those that as an employer it's quicker to train new employees to become proficient w/ the water fed pole than with traditional methods. This means they are making you more money quicker. Who wouldn't want a tool that could do that for their business?!

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