Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Can I Get a Partial Cleaning?

The short answer is, yes. The better answer is, that depends. While it's always possible to clean select windows or one wall of a property in reality a partial cleaning isn't in your best interest in most cases. Why?

The Cost
In every cleaning there are expenses incurred by the contractor that are factored into the price. Among those are equipment wear and tear, vehicle maintenance, insurance, labor, etc. Most of these are the same no matter how many sides of your home are washed, windows cleaned, or sidewalks cleaned. This means there is already a minimum you are going to pay up front. Because of this many companies have a minimum charge on their services. So you may end up paying more on the smaller jobs when you figure the cost per square foot. That's why it's almost always more economical for you to have the whole property cleaned.

It Looks Clean
Many times you may think that it's only a few windows that are dirty or only one side of the building needs cleaned because it's green. This is where the old axiom "looks are deceiving" comes into play. While we often gauge how dirty something is by it's appearance it can leave unseen soils behind. In the case of algaes or molds this can lead to rapid resoiling of the cleaned surface rendering the cleaning short lived or often useless.

Hidden Damage
While we often clean our property because of what's seen the best reasons to have it cleaned are not immediately visible. For instance a window that is left uncleaned for years will be damaged by hard water staining so that cleaning will no longer be effective and require restoration, a far more costly alternative. Some sidings left uncleaned will eventually oxidize badly and again require a restoration at a much higher cost. Others will stain badly requiring multiples cleanings at a more regular rate to get them out.

The Solution?
Realizing that our building surfaces are among the largest investments we will make in our lifetime helps us to see the real value in full, regular cleaning of those surfaces. But how regularly should this be done? In the case of sidings it can depend greatly on our location. At the very least every 2 years up to as often as every 6 months. In the case of flat concrete areas it can be as often as every 2 weeks to every 3 months depending on traffic and type of business or the area we live in. What about windows? While it can be more ascetic because we see our world through them having them cleaned at least once a year should be on our schedule. More frequently is recommended though.

That's A Lot of Work!
Certainly the amount of work on a property can be overwhelming. However, the alternative to ignoring the consequences of partial cleanings can be just as overwhelming. To make this easier search out a competent company to handle this task. They can get you scheduled and take the worry on their shoulders for you. To find a top level company in your area I recommend hiring a certified contractor from the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. Find one here!

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