Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tony Evans Biography

    Along with my wife of nearly 30 years I own and operate A New View Exterior Cleaning. We started the company in 2004 making this our 12th year in business. I have been in the cleaning industry in one form or another for over 15 years and was a general contractor for 10 years before that.
    The first thing I realized when we started this business was that education was paramount to success. To that end I got involved with several online forums to glean as much information as possible in an effort to shorten my learning curve and decrease the potential pitfalls of the business. I so appreciated the help I was given that I have made a concerted effort to give back as much as possible by helping educate any who have asked, even those in my own area, thru forums, phone calls, and networking events.
    About 3 years ago I joined the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners as  felt it was a group that felt the same way I did about educating other contractors for the betterment of the industry as a whole. I've enjoyed learning a great deal about being a businessman, teacher, and servant to the industry from it's leadership over the last few years. Because of that and my desire to continue to give back, I'm running for a At Large position on the Board of Directors in the upcoming election. 
   I've enjoyed the privilege of forming and chairing the Window Cleaning Certification Committee, writing several articles for the newsletter, and doing presentations and training at several UAMCC events. I've also hosted the Midwest Cleaning Event in Iowa for 7 years before joining forces with the Power Wash Store event this last year. 
   I hope to be able to give back even more to the industry as a member of the UAMCC Board of Directors should I be elected so I can continue the path so clearly set by the previous Board.