Friday, February 15, 2013

Why would a window cleaner...

become a member of the UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners), especially if they were already a member of a window cleaning industry association?
I asked myself that very question when I was asked to join. Having been a member of many associations in my time in the industry I had mixed feelings as to what it would do for me. For instance would my customers know about it or even care that I was a member? Would I get other benefits from the association that would bring me huge profits?
I took a moment and asked myself why anyone joins an association. I came up with a few reasons and most had nothing to do with padding my pocket. First, I entered this industry with little or no knowledge on what being a professional window cleaner means so the advice and networking I got from members of the association I joined at that time (MWCoA or Master Window Cleaners of America) helped me with the newbie questions that guys on other forums gave me a hard time over asking. Second, there were networking events that these associations sponsored where I could get out from behind the keyboard and see firsthand what these guys were telling me. And third, I was able to use the fact that I belonged to a group dedicated to making me a better cleaner as a selling point with clients. I mean doctors, lawyers, and other professionals all do ongoing education (many times through their own associations) to build confidence in their clients so why shouldn't I?
With those reasons in mind I weighed my decision of joining the UAMCC. I looked at an even bigger picture now than a window cleaning association. Here was a group that is working to get all mobile cleaners to pool their resources and knowledge. Some of the services of these other industries are a great fit for me and I would have access to others who are just as dedicated to improving their service as I am. As I thought about it I realized this would be the perfect fit for me and it was in mo way a conflict with any window cleaning association I might join again. In fact I found that many of the members were also in associations specific to their industry or service.
So if you are a window cleaner who has seen the value in associations for that industry I urge you to look at a bigger picture and enjoy the benefits offered by the UAMCC.
Take a moment to look at the website and please feel free to ask me any questions you have on my experience in the organization so far.

PS don't let the description fool you there are more than just pressure washers there.

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