Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've started a window cleaning school

I really appreciated the education and help I received when I started in this industry and have always tried to give back whenever I could. Recently I was encouraged to start a school to help cleaners with the basics of window cleaning. After going over the inevitable questions like - who am I to teach a school, will anyone need this, and should I charge others to learn? - I decided to go ahead and start a school.
To be fair though I will answer the questions that I had to begin with.

Who am I to teach a school? I've been cleaning windows for almost 9 years as A New View and for 3 years I ran a janitorial company where we did some window cleaning (albeit with difficulty). I've spent the last several years doing educational videos for window cleaning and helping several local cleaners with everything from tool selection to technique issues.

Will anyone need this? Thankfully I'm a visual learner and have been able to pick up window cleaning through watching videos and reading on the various forums. I realized however that there are many who need hands on education to develop their skill set. Thus the need for a school where they can do just that. Added to that is the fear some have of "training their own competition". That fear can make a cleaner leery of offering any help to people in their area trying to learn how to clean windows.

Should I charge others to learn? While it would be great if I had the extra time to take off from my business and teach this class I don't have that option. So I have to charge for the time I take away from my business. That being said I have tried to keep the fee as reasonable as possible.
I have started a new blog that provides instruction on this new school at

For more educational topics go to Window Cleaning Institute


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